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Dec 17, 2012 5:00pm EST
. the connecticut governor says it is time to get the act together when it comes to gun control. >> thank you, rebecca. we're learning more about the sandy hook shooter, adam lanza. divorce papers show that his mother, nancy lanza gain custody when he and his father divorced in 2009. the divorce agreement makes no mention of mental health issues. he was expected to connecticut state university when he was only 16. he was part of a small number of 16-year-old among the 5000 undergraduates. he took his last class in 2009 and had not returned. >> as the community deals with tremendous loss, a local d.c. woman tries to help them cope. >> alison, there are a number of people from our region who love come here to help out in newtown. we earlier talks with an area from the baltimore area who came with the red cross to try to call about. they are among the hundreds of people who came here to try to give aid. the memorial near the elementary school continues to grow as the community tries to make sense of how anyone could murder 26 people. >> she did not contain per motion. >> it is just not right. i
Dec 18, 2012 5:00pm EST
. >> the shooting in connecticut opening new wound for many. her son was killed in the or aurora colorado, movie theater. >> unfortunately you and i both know it probably will happen again. >> some of these family members are members of the nra. some own guns. each putting a face to a tragedy, along with a plea for help. >> parents brothers, sisters families, need to step out of their living room and make a difference. >> for the parent whose son barely escaped friday connecticut shooting. >> she pulled him into her own classroom and barricaded the door. >> a victim turned activist, shot four times in a classroom where 11 of his classmates died. >> it is absolute hell. is the craziest thing you could ever imagine. >> with the timing of the holidays, we are learning it will likely be after the first of the year before any action is taken. >> virginia governor bob mcdonnell talked with art news partners and said he is open to discussing whether to allow people outside of law enforcement to carry guns at schools. >> i think there should least be a discussion of that. if people are armed, not just a
Dec 31, 2012 5:00pm EST
seminary. inner loop of the beltway we're also looking good as you work your way past connecticut. some slow traffic northbound baltimore-washington parkway. an accident with a single lane getting by, 270, no problems. gaithersburg towards 121 and heading into frederick county. >> have a happy new year. coming up, in just a matter of hours, new laws go into effect, including legal same-sex marriages in maryland. see how one couple is getting ready for their big day. >> tickets may be officially sold out for this weekend's redskins game, but we will tell >> adc charter school is the target of thieves. >> the school is located on 15th street. >> the cleanup continued at the next step charter school after thieves broke again over the weekend. they walked out with nearly two dozen laptops. >> we have worked hard to acquire laptops. and now we do not have them. >> officials are asking, why us? this is the third break-in in the past week and a half. 100 laptops have been stolen. >> we feel very vulnerable. >> they should bump up security a little bit more at the school. >> they are installing
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3